Health & Safety




Level One Fitness is not operating on 24 hour mode at this time.


With some of the government restrictions lifting, the team are working hard to make Level One Fitness hygienic and safe through an enhanced range of COVID-19 friendly protocols including high standards of cleaning and social distancing.


Opening Hours currently are Monday to Friday 7am - 7pm, & Saturday 9am until Midday. Sunday - closed.


15 people are able to train at any one time with current government guidelines. If numbers reach the full capacity of 15 people, you may need to wait until the next training session becomes available.


If you have any questions please contact your friendly Level One Fitness staff on phone 9815 0931.


View the Level One Fitness reopening video here


We are looking forward to seeing you back training with us very soon.





Under current COVID safe practices please access Level One Fitness through the foyer for your temperature check. 


To ensure all members can access the health club during our condensed operating times, we request that you limit your training to 1 hour please. This will change as government restrictions are lifted, we will keep you informed.


Program Cards - upon your first visit back please ask Level One Fitness staff for your program card, you'll need to take it home with you,and bring it to the health club for each training session.


Water fountain - will not be operational please bring water with you, alternately bottled water will be available for purchase.


Floor mat - for your health and safety please bring a floor mat with you for each visit.



Please utilise the change rooms and showers whilst at the Club. Staff will be sanitising the change rooms and showers regularly.


Be assured staff are adhering to all government recommendations and regulations for your health and safety.